Along with the manufacture of tanks, silo’s and pressure vessels Robert Sanderson offer a range of customer services that complement our product offer and ensure you can buy the complete turn-key solution for your project and installation.

Vessel / Plant Refurbishment

Sandersons undertake refurbishment and modifications of a range of equipment including vessels, tanks and including heat exchanger re-tubing, reactors, distillation columns and other process equipment. This can be carried out on site or at our Workshops. We also undertake silo refurbishment and modifications either at client’s premises or in our works.

  • This refurbishment work includes:
  • Modifying existing silo roofs to upgrade explosion relief to meet ATEX standards.
  • Demolition, dismantling and plant relocation
  • Cone modifications to change cone slope, outlet configuration or discharge method
  • Fitting protective penthouses to existing silos
  • Adding sections into shells to increase volume capacity

Planned Maintenance & Repairs

Sandersons can provide preventative maintenance packages, ensuring that your Bulk Material Storage Systems are working at maximum efficiency at all times. Working closely with the client, we plan and carry out scheduled site visits and maintain/repair equipment as required, thus avoiding downtime. Advantages gained by such a system result in improved productivity, reduction in defects and improved health & safety performance.

We also provide a repair service for equipment supplied by ourselves, sub-contractors and partner suppliers. All repair work is undertaken by qualified service and maintenance engineers working with the dedicated project manager, to ensure continuity and full understanding.

Project Management

Sandersons offer a comprehensive service that includes the management of your project from inception through to completion, ensuring safety, timescales, and costs savings are achieved. The following is a list of responsibilities that our Project Management Team will carry out on your behalf:

  • Design and Approvals
  • Manufacture and Quality Monitoring
  • Delivery and specialist transportation services
  • Programmed Site installation
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Sub-contractor management and co-ordination
  • Lifting and positioning equipment
  • Inspection
  • Final commissioning and handover
  • Pipe-work

We can supply pipe-work fabrications including Helical, Limpet, Hair pin and bayonet type coils. Valves and tank fittings can be designed, built and supplied to client specifications.

Insulation & Cladding

A range of materials can be offered to ensure your equipment is well insulated, protected and sound proofed. Rockwool and PU insulation, GRP (glass reinforced plastic), stainless steel, aluminium or Plastisol cladding.

Specialist Fabrication

The Company can supply specialised steel structures for a wide range of industries and uses. Our engineering experience and capabilities can be put to use manufacturing to customers designs and specifications across a wide range of materials and end uses. All equipment is built to the relevant BS EN Standards.

Steelwork, Ladders & Walkways

Designed and built to suit customer requirements, available in stainless steel, galvanised carbon steel and painted carbon steel with various non-slip walkway surfaces available.

Delivery and Installation

Whatever your requirements our experienced team will ensure that your specific needs are met, ensuring that any downtime will be kept to a minimum. Sandersons installation and commissioning contract services range from the delivery and installation of silos to commissioning complete handling systems such as discharging equipment and conveyors. We offer delivery and transportation services, sub-contractor management and co-ordination, lifting equipment control and hire, on-site installation, final inspection, commissioning and handover.